03 January 2010

Thailand Visa Run to Cambodia, How to

You need to do a border run to get your passport restamped if you are planning to stay longer than 30 days in Thailand. To do this, you simply leave the country for 10minutes and reenter. Laos, Cambodia and Burma seem to be the popular choices if you are doing the run for a Thai Visa. Most Visas require you to get your passport re-stamped at either the 2 month or 3 month mark. Check with your Thai Consulate to make sure you don't exceed your stay! Each day you stay past the due date will cost you 500 baht ($14 USD). They can charge you up to 40 days, which will cost you 20 000 baht ($550 USD).

You have many options when considering how you want to go about doing the run. One option is to take the public transportation. This is the cheapest method, but also the most time consuming. It will involve many bus transfers, research, and asking around for directions. I advice against this option if this is your first border run. I recommended going with the independently owned business:

Quick Thai Visa Run,
for several reasons:

1. Departure and return at reasonable times (9:30am and 5:30pm respectively).
2. Free lunch.
3. They spoon feed you through the entire process.
4. Pickup near the center of Bankok.
5. No hassle and lineups at the border.
6. The staff can understand and speak good english.
7. English movies during the ride.
8. Reasonable price.

on-Quick Thai Visa Run

Cost: 2000 baht (includes lunch)
Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
<-Location: Bannrai Coffee Shop (opposite of the Ekkimai bus station)

Pick-up time:
9:30 am
Return time: 5:30pm
Phone: 089-024-5255 (24 hours)

What to Bring

1. Passport
Duh. Please don't forget this.

2. Passport photos
You can get passport photos done for about 100 baht (2.50 USD). Photo shops are found in most major strips in Thailand. Another option is to have it done at the borders; the cost is the same.

3. 2000 baht
Covers water, lunch, and the entire border run process.

If you have decided to go with Quick Thai Visa Run, continue reading below.

Pickup is at 9:30am in one of these:

Do arrive 15min - 25min earlier to fill out the immigration documents. You should not have much trouble finding the place because it is across from a very big bus station, the Ekkamai Bus Station. Every taxi drivers in Bangkok should know this station. Just say, "Ekkamai", or "Sathaanee rot bas Ekkamai" (in Thai). Another way of getting here is by sky train. Check it:

Obviously I have done my run with these guys so I can vouch for them. Everything went real smooth as they literally take your hand and guide you through everything. There is not much you need to do or think about really. Just relax and enjoy the ride. Oh, for lunch you have a choice from a number of fried rice dishes. The portions are large. You will be served around 11:30am on the bus.


  • bring extra money if you wanna shop at the borders. Watch out for the fake pharmaceutical products!
  • bring reading material, or other activities that you can do on the bus.
  • snacks are a good idea (you are only fed lunch at 11:30am)
  • if you are a light sleeper, get some ear plugs. Movies will be shown throughout the entire ride.
  • don't forget a long sleeve shirt or sweater because it can get chilli from the the AC.
  • at the borders the homeless kids will be begging for money. Unless you want to be swarmed, put aside the Mr. Nice guy act and do not give them money,

Have a safe trip!

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