19 April 2013

Update on my Bday Bash

So if I recall correctly, the last time I celebrated my birthday was like when I was 10 years old.  And I just made up that age because I don't even really remember!  This year you can say a hell yeah to me throwing a big party for my 29th bday.

I told my friend last year that my goal upon moving into my new condo was to throw a massive party.  I wanted to take this opportunity to not only get piss-ass drunk, but to practice on my event coordinating and party promoting skills as one day I would like to get into the "night-life" entertainment industry.  

The entire planning process for my birthday was definitely bittersweet as I went through lots of doubts.  At points I was very excited, and at other times very discouraged.  Did I want a big party where I can invite freely?  Who should I invite?  Should I book out a club? Or just do a house party?  Or maybe keep it real low key and just do a dinner get-together.  I was a mess, and my poor baby Nga was on the receiving end of this.

I ended up booking out 4 booths at Cinema Nightclub.  The night started with dinner hosted at my condo and joined by my dearests cousins and in-laws.  By 9-10pm the dinner transformed into a huge party with 30+ people squeezed in a measly 750sq ft condo.  We all headed to the club around 11:30 where we were joined by more friends and family.  The night was epic!  There were Dougie battles, Vodka/Rum waterfalls, chin-up competitions, and other memories that will last me a lifetime. 

Special thanks to:

Baby Nga for baking the wonderful cake, helping organize the event from start to finish, and for putting up with my emo-ness throughout.

Amanda Tran for helping coordinate the event and bringing so many spring rolls.

Joanne Tran for sharing her birthday with me and for making me look dumb by taking Hennessy shots while I just sipped away.

Dan for hyping up the event, collecting money, and bringing many familiar faces to the party.

Phil for taking care of the little things during the pre-party.

Charlene for the Justin Bieber tattoos and back stage passes.

Dianne Tran and Andrew for the patron and bringing Dylan.

Jen, Warrick, and Dan for the Burberry shirt.

Jen again for the priceless Dougie battle.

Linh for the balloons and bday boy pin.

Trip for helping out and being a good friend.

Roman for the speech and being crazy for walking all the way to Bathurst.

And to those who brought drinks and food to the party and/or who chipped in for bottle service!  

I had no idea what to expect prior to the party.  I must say, partying when it's a celebration for you is mad fun.  I think I'll make this an annual thing. :)   Enjoy the slideshow.


Linhaaa said...

Thanks Baoy and Nga for your awesome hospitality! We all had an amazing night! So many unforgettable memories!!

Baoy said...

Thanks Linh!