13 March 2013

At Your Own Pace

Johnny didn't have a girlfriend until he was 20.    His first job was as a deli clerk at Sobeys, and this didn't happen until he was 22!  He was financially dependent on his parents until 25. He didn't drive nor did he own a drivers licence until the age 28.

Relative to his peers, Johnny was a late bloomer!  If everyone worked their first job at the age of 30 then Johnny would  be ahead of the game in that regards right?  Who is it that determines what should be done and at what age.  Our progression and rate of progression in life is determined by many factors such as upbringing, experiences, thought process etc.

My girlfriend and I since 20-11-2004
...I'll let you in on a little secret
Johnny is really me.  Or rather,  I am Johnny.  I met my babe at 20, my first job was at 22, I was financially dependent on my parents until age 25, and I didn't drive or have my licence until 28.  I was ashamed of my progress for most of my twenties until I started to realize that it's OK to be a little behind.  Life is not always a race, and just because it took me longer than the next person to accomplish the same tasks does not mean I am worth any less.  It just so happens that circumstances led me to achieve those milestones later on in life.  And that's OK too.  Once I came to terms with this, I was able to use all that built up energy and passion, not toward moping and pitying myself, but towards building the future that I wanted.

...take off some plates
My first car at age 28
What happens when you attempt to bench press 200 lbs when you struggle to bench 170lbs?  The answer is risk of overexertion, half-ass performance, discouragement, and possible injury that can set you back for months!   The same holds true when you try to rush through stages in life.  Part of being true to yourself is accepting where you are and working from there.

...so how did I get there?
I started to slow down further and went at my own pace.  I told myself that it's OK to be "behind."  I didn't focus on where I was or where I was heading.  I focused on the things I must do in order to get to where I wanted to be, and I did them.

Take it one step at a time, challenge yourself a little bit at each step, and remember that progress is progress no matter how slow!

We all take different paths but eventually end up at the same spot.

Train hard!



cam said...

Baoy, this is totally me too. Well, still me since I'm 24. Thanks for sharing.

Baoy said...

Hey Cam! Good to hear i'm not alone lol. I find that University students gain their independence at a later age since they don't get exposed to the "real world" until after they graduate. I guess it's worth the investment because many more doors are open to them down the road.

I'm not going to lie, from time to time I compare myself with my peers and feel like I'm very behind in some areas.

Anyways thanks for commenting!