29 June 2013

Update on my Sak Yant - Khao Yord

Due to the popularity of my Sak Yant posts, I figure I give you guys a quick update on my Khao Yord tattoo.

First go here (if you haven't yet):


It has been 3 years since I got my tattoo and so far so good. 

- i haven't gotten ill or anything yet so they probably did a good job sanitizing that needle
- the color hasn't worn off despite constantly exposing it to the sun
- the blessing of the Khao Yord has been working as I have not been injured or notably hurt since the day I got it! :)

Here is an updated photo of it:

Now go get one.


Emma Murray said...

Hey! I am actually leaving Thailand soon after living here for over a year...hopefully I can come back soon. I will only be in BKK for one day before I fly out, and I want to get a ha taew tattoo by Ajarn Thoy. My flight from Ubon gets in around 10:30 AM on a Saturday. If I get to the temple by around 1:00 do you think I will be able to get tattooed? And is he available on Saturdays? Also, a contact number would be great if you have one for the ajarn. Thank you!

Baoy said...

Hey Emma!

You can find the number here:


Im sure he is available on the weekends and is there for most of the day but do call just in case.

Anonymous said...

Hey Baoy,

since I'm new in BKK I don't speak thai at all. However, I'd like to get a sak yant. Your blog was very helpful but everyone seems to have different experiences with the prices.
Is it possible that you assisst me in this case?
Thanks in advance,